If you want to learn how to trade futures then our futures trading room is the place for you. We will teach you how to master price action everyday. If you roll up your sleeves and focus on the knowledge being shared in this futures trading room, you will become a profitable futures trader. We have beginner, intermediate and experienced members who are in the futures trade room, so make sure you are taking your time while learning and adjusting to this room. Get acquainted with the members, and their trading styles. And don’t forget to PROFIT! Nobody has ever gone broke taking profits

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We Focus on POQ1

POQ1 is the power of quitting from the first Trade , we focus on taking profit at the open and we are done for the day. Do you know that most likely if you take more than 3 trades , you will end up giving up your profit and end up red day. Here we focus on Take 1 to 3 Trades at the open , and we are done . 99% of our trading days were done 5 to 10 min after the Market opened. If you want to Trade less and make consistent results . That's your Place

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Our Futures trading room is an opportunity for you to learn what others are doing, how they are doing it, share charts, share ideas and gain knowledge. We support each other with knowledge and feedback. Our main Futures Trader admin is Walid. Walid has worked tirelessly to perfect futures trading techniques that you will learn as a member. He is a Master in trading at the open. So most likely you will be done trading after 15 minutes from the market opening.


  • Is there any FREE trial available for the Trading room ?

    You have 5 days from the date of the subscription to ask for a full refund, Simply email us at [email protected] and you will get the full refund. No questions asked .

  • What Dates and time the trading room will be operating?

    CVA War Trading room Operates Monday to Friday from 9 am to 11 am EST , However we mostly focus at the open , So we are mostly done after 15 Minutes from the open at 9:30 am EST . And then we do Sim trading for training Purposes , but Remember (Trade Less Make More) . Be a POQ1 Trader

  • Are you Trading Forex too in the trading room ?

    No , We ONLY trade Futures Contracts and mainly we focus on Russell 2000, NASDAQ , and S&P 500, CL

  • What strategies are you using in the CVA Room ?

    We use 3 Different strategies , 1- Clean Chart with SuperDom, we use it to trade RTY at the open , and it's the most Effective strategy that gain 95% from our profit 2- Channel Strategy , we use it to Trade ES & NQ 3- Price Action Strategy , we use to trade ES,NQ, CL

  • Are there any courses for your Trading Strategies ?

    Of Course we have courses for our Strategies in English,French,Spanish and Arabic

  • Is there any Guarantee in the room that I will not lose Money?

    There is no Profit Guarantee in Trading. We will have losing days for sure, but if you follow along with Mr. Walid every day your trading consistency will increase!

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